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Aug 13th 2022

Archive for February, 2012

Lobra at Stockholm Fashion Week AW12

This week Lobra was at Stockholm Fashion Week. It has been very exciting days!! We have met alot of exciting people and been to inspiring places.

This week has been like a glass of bubbly Champagne!

Would like to take the time to thank for all the Lobra Love we got during these days!! Thank you!!

Stockholm Fashion Week Party

Café Opera Stockholm amazing roof

Lobra at Rookies Showroom

Lobra @ Rookies Showroom

Lobra AW12 Collection @ Rookies Showroom

Thanks for all the beautiful flowers & Love

Lobra at Rookies Fashion Show Photographed by Peter Håkansson

Lobra at Rookies Fashion Show Photographed by Peter Håkansson

Lobra in Stockholm Fashion Week Magazine

Lobra in Stockholm Fashion Week Magazine

Louise Bramstedt with talented artist Chrysta Bell

This fantastic Fashion Week ended with an amazing show at Fasching in Stockholm where truly talented and inspiring artist Chrysta Bell performed with her band. She takes you to a dreamy, sensual and mysterious place. The music is so wonderful!! It has that Twin Peaks vibe that I Love and that was the inspiration to my AW12 Collection. What could be a better Grand Final of this Fashion Week than this?

I met her backstage and she took her time to talk with me about music, fashion and life. A truly amazing woman!!

She is right now on tour around the World with her band so make sure to go and see her! Visit her website here for dates and info.



Louise Bramstedt - Lobra Loves
February 11th, 2012 - 19:46 in Lobra

Lobra AW12 Photoshoot – behind the scenes

Recently we made the new Photoshoot for Lobra AW12 Collection. Here we share some behind the scenes pictures.

The Photoshoot location was at Törneby Herrgård, Kalmar that is a personal Hotel that has a lovely presentation and was great for this Collection concept “Red Velvet Hotel”

The Collection was Photographed by talented  Jonas Lindström Studio

Törneby Herrgård

Törneby Herrgård, Kalmar


Mrs Jones Pumps, Dalila Sandals

Model Agnes on Lobra handmade luxury duvet

Nola Bootie, Poppy Clutch, Lollo Shoulderbag

Agnes in Lobra

Lobra Joan Handbag

Lobra AW12 Collection “Red Velvet Hotel”

Design/Concept: Lobra/Louise Bramstedt

Photographer: Jonas/Linda Lindström

Model: Agnes Elofsson

Clothes collaboration together with Jenny Nyströmsskolan/Hantverksprogrammet Kalmar

Location: Törneby Herrgård, Kalmar

Hair/Make up: HAIR

Louise Bramstedt - Lobra Loves
February 11th, 2012 - 16:24 in Lobra
by WebReady Sweden AB