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Aug 13th 2022

Archive for December, 2011

Christmas Decorations

This year I have been travelling close to Christmas time and have been blessed with alot of beautiful Christmas decorations.

Here is some of my favorite pictures from Italy and Sweden. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all!!

Stockholm - PUB

Stockholm - PUB

Stockholm - NK

Stockholm - Sergels Torg

Rome - A store close to Piazza Navona

Rome - Piazza Navona

Rome - Piazza Venezia

Rome - Piazza di Spagna

Rome - The Fendi Store

Rome - Grand Hotel Plaza

Italy - Civitanova Marche

Italy - Civitanova Marche Boutique display

Midvinternattens köld är hård,
stjärnorna gnistra och glimma.
Alla sova i enslig gård
djupt under midnattstimma.
Månen vandrar sin tysta ban,
snön lyser vit på fur och gran,
snön lyser vit på taken.
Endast tomten är vaken.

Tomten av Viktor Rydberg

Louise Bramstedt - Lobra Loves
December 22nd, 2011 - 11:16 in Travel

Tina Cassati

The artist, TINA CASSATI, makes costume, ruffs, hats-, bags- and shoes-, jewelry Recycling Objects (Sculpture le Mode) into modern surreale photo-video worlds and illustrations.
See more of her works here

Louise Bramstedt - Lobra Loves
December 19th, 2011 - 23:16 in Art, Inspirations

Lobra Made in Italy -1

These are some pictures from my research. It is amazing to come to the shoe district of Civitanova Marche where there are leather suppliers in every corner. Just like a candy store for a designer. It is important to keep focus while here, not hard to go bananas when you see all this qualities and colours.

I heard some designers have gone into crisis while here and lost the head among leathers, textiles, closures and buttons …oops that was me… luckily I am back on track again. But it is a lovely place to loose the head at.

It is also a blessing to meet all this specialized people who have dedicated their life to this business. How they have such love and passion for what they do. All the love they put into the work and the details. This is the soul of the true Made in Italy and I am so happy to be a part of this. It is truly inspiring to be surrounded with talented craftsmen all day and all new things I learn every day.

Lobra Love for the Made in Italy

At one fabric supplier there was this statue, details matters even at a warehouse

I love how the leathers are coordinated by colour

Violet Fuschia section

Patents ... like candy

And all that glitters..

Organized by quality

Some of the Lobra research for FW12/13 collection


Louise Bramstedt - Lobra Loves
December 15th, 2011 - 21:21 in Lobra

Chrysta Bell

See more of lovely Chrysta Bell here

Louise Bramstedt - Lobra Loves
December 14th, 2011 - 22:58 in Music

Colour of 2012 – Tangerine Tango

Pantone Reveals Color of the Year for 2012: PANTONE 17-1463 Tangerine Tango
“Sophisticated but at the same time dramatic and seductive, Tangerine Tango is an orange with a lot of depth to it,” said Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute®. “Reminiscent of the radiant shadings of a sunset, Tangerine Tango marries the vivaciousness and adrenaline rush of red with the friendliness and warmth of yellow, to form a high-visibility, magnetic hue that emanates heat and energy.”

Sharing a strong passion for how color can transform a face, mood or even an attitude, Pantone has partnered with Sephora, the leading beauty specialty retailer, to create an extraordinary collection that will change how consumers wear, feel and think about color. Launching in spring 2012, SEPHORA + PANTONE UNIVERSE™ delivers insightful color forecasting, timely trends and powerful seasonal product collections. To celebrate the launch, SEPHORA + PANTONE UNIVERSE proudly presents the first Color of the Year beauty collection.

“These products allow for on-trend, uninhibited expression, while being exceptionally wearable,” commented Gilbert Soliz, lead artist for Sephora PRO. “Whether she is looking to create a bold look featuring Tangerine Tango, or if demure trend expression is more her style, the collection allows for customized wearability.”

The limited edition collection features a variety of products including eye shadow, lipstick, lip gloss, nail polish and accessories, and will be available in Sephora Americas beginning March 2012.

Louise Bramstedt - Lobra Loves
December 11th, 2011 - 14:54 in FASHION, Inspirations, Interior Design

Tweed Story

Since I am at the moment in Italy and have spent all day feeling, touching and getting inspired by fantastic materials for my next collection, I just have to post this small film of this fantastic tweed making. I love the craftsmanship and the tradition behind it. Get inspired!!

Molloy & Sons: Heritage Tweed on Nowness.com.

Louise Bramstedt - Lobra Loves
December 7th, 2011 - 20:17 in Inspirations
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