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Sep 26th 2022

Lovely Ulyana Sergeenko

One of the fashion photographers in Russia is Ulyana Sergeenko. This lovely lady mixed her Russian Heritage with 50s/60s style and Couture. You always see her on street shots from Fashion Weeks around the globe and she always looks amazing wherever she appears.

Her style it truly her own and to me she is a great inspiration. It is always important where you come from and to translate that into fashion in a modern way as Ulyana does it is so Lovely.
She is a true modern fashion icon of today!

See some of Ulyanas works

Follow her personal blog here

Louise Bramstedt - Lobra Loves
July 21st, 2011 - 11:12 in Inspirations

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  1. Usually photographers don’t look so very stylish, but Ulyana!!!! What a beautiful woman! And her outfits!!! Could wear them all myself – especially the black one in the two top pictures. Love that she wears it with the russian style scarf. Her photos look lovely too. Didn’t know who she was until now. Luckily I found your blog yesterday. Will definitely follow it from now on. I’ll be watching… 😉

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