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Sep 26th 2022

Lobra in Milano

In March we went on an adventure to Milan to expose at MICAM – one of the greatest shoe fairs in the world.
The week we spent was energetic and full of interesting meetings and people. I got great inspirations from the city where I once lived for 3,5 years studying fashion design and working as a designer.
Milan is a magic place to me and holds an important piece of my heart.
To me Milan is a place with alot of possibilities and full of fashion and creative people that inspires me.
Just taking a walk on the streets feeling the smell of fancy perfumes on women wearing beautiful dresses and high heels on Montenapoleone. Entering the designer stores and meet the designers live is everyday life here. One time I meet Dolce & Gabbana in their flagshipstore… didnt see it was them until I felt someone really scanning me and I turned around and they where both looking at me.. Since I am not really model size I believe they probably wondered what I was doing there..I would really liked to be a mindreader at that time..I couldn´t help myself smiling afterwards

It always inspires me coming to Italy. To meet with old friends, having conversations about fashion, love and food. Having lovely dinners at favorite restaurants, walking the streets on hunt for inspirations and the spring to come.

Lovely colors. Maybe a piece of my colourcard for next summer..


Via Manzoni in afternoon light

church details on Via Manzoni

beautiful Milan townhouse

Having lunch at Armani Café

Lovely display at Valentino

Amazing dress at Dolce Gabbana

My fave Collection this season Prada - amazing shoes and display

Fantastic LV display

On my way to get some inspiration

Micam Show - Pavillion 1

The Lobra Stand

The Lovely Lobra Hostess - Alessandra

Lobra in display

Lobra in display

I hope I´ll see you soon again Milano!! Love!!

Louise Bramstedt - Lobra Loves
April 1st, 2012 - 20:06 in Lobra

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