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Sep 26th 2022

Ernst Art

Autumn is on it´s way and we are all about to get more cozy here in Sweden. Knits are soon to get on and around. It´s all about treasure hunting in the forests for mushrooms and picking apples to make pies…taking care of what nature gave to us this season. One of my favorite artists is Ernst Billgren that is one of Sweden’s most noteworthy contemporary artists.

Eget Land

Over the years he has become renowned for his outstanding artistic work, in which mythology, nature and national romanticism have been significant sources of inspiration. Besides painting and sculpture, Billgren has also expressed his artistic diversity in fields such as scenography, literature, film, music, furniture design and glass design.



Utsmyckning Mosaik

Ernst Billgren’s oeuvre is characterized by breadth and diversity that is unique in the Swedish art world. His artistic output includes such diverse disciplines as painting, sculpture, stage design, literature, films, music and furniture design. Right through these various activities are a continuity. The motive spheres that are recognizable from Billgren’s artistry is especially his studies of nature painting, the national romantic and mythological. With unmistakable craftsmanship, he is working with different materials such as mosaic, wood, bronze, cement, tile and glass. The works of art often combines historic character system and references and popular perceptions of art in a willingness to explore the contemporary and artistic conventions.

Grön, Brun, Vit, Svart och Grön målning

Ernst Billgren is designing collections of glass for Kosta Boda

New Friends tumbler Fox

New Friends Jug

Ernst Billgren

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