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Sep 26th 2022

Banana Republic to launch Mad Men Collection

Here is good news for Fashionistas who love Retro Glamour!!

The Banana Republic unit of Gap Inc., which has teamed up previously with “Mad Men” for marketing promotions, is doing so again this summer with what will be their most extensive joint effort to date. The centerpiece of the new promotion is a collection of men’s and women’s fashions, to be sold in Banana Republic stores and online, based on how the characters on “Mad Men” look.

There will be 65 items in the so-called capsule collection, which are to carry co-branded labels bearing the logos of “Mad Men” and Banana Republic. The merchandise is to be priced the same as similar regular items sold in Banana Republic stores and on bananarepublic.com.


Though Mad Men’s season premiere has been pushed back to next year, but still you can experience the retro glamor by getting Mad Men fix a little before 2012.

Mad Men costume designer Janie Bryant teamed with Banana Republic creative director Simon Kneen for a capsule collection inspired by the hit show ‘Mad Men’.

Banana Republic’s Mad Men Collection include 65-pieces for men and women featuring both new and vintage pieces from the show.

Banana Republic’s Mad Men inspired collection will include high-waisted skirts, tailored dresses, trench coats, silk tie-neck blouse for women as well as tailored menswear including knit sweaters, handsome dinner jacket; inspired by the sixties outfits that Mad Men cast wears on the show.

So, if you always wanted to get your hands on Betty’s printed dresses or Joan’s curve hugging frocks then here’s your chance to do so.

Banana Republic’s Mad Men capsule collection will hit stores on August 11th.

The collection will be promoted in print, outdoor and online advertising; through direct mail; in stores; and through social media. For instance, fans of Banana Republic on Facebook are to get early access to a presale of the collection on Aug. 10, a day before it is scheduled to be available in stores and on the Banana Republic Web site.

There are also plans to repeat the contest to win a walk-on role on “Mad Men,” co-sponsored by Banana Republic and AMC. Information will be provided atmadmencastingcall.com.

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In addition to inspiring shoppers and retailers, “Mad Men” is being credited with giving two networks ideas for series for the 2011-12 season that are set in the ’60s. One, “Pan Am,” will be on ABC, and the other, “The Playboy Club,” on NBC.

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